Prevent Submit Button From Clicking Twice

I have a bug where a user is able to pay more than once if they quickly fill out the payment form and click the submit button very fast (more than once).

I need to follow content security policy so that means no inline javascript.

I have some code that disables the button after the first click, but the problem is the form does not submit. I would appreciate any help.

I am not sure if I need to combine the two javascripts somehow. Without the top javascript code, the form validates and submits fine but it has that bug.

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Hey there,

can you show us some code to reproduce the problem?

Assuming you’re using addEventListener(...) to attach your listener function (and that its a named function…), you do have an option: removeEventListener().

Here’s the theory - the button gets clicked, the named event listener is removed from the element, processing happens, and then, optionally, the event listener can be reattached.