Preventing burnout

Does anyone else struggle with burnout? I attempted to learn JavaScript, but after finding nothing I could apply practice to. I ended up going back to what I know with WordPress.

So you know PHP then?

Enough to fix things, anyway. It’s pretty simple after taking a stab at JavaScript.

Javascript is great for doing things on the client side. I’m surprised you can’t find any uses for it.


You can’t really compare Wordpress and JavaScript. One is a programming language, the other a CMS. JS is just one piece of the technology stack that makes up WP. Also…

…what he said.


Sometimes I do - I’ve taken a short break on things but hoping to get back to full speed tomorrow. What’s helped me a lot is removing all distractions for X amount of time then I can take a break - I’m more productive that way (the pomodoro clock is great for that by the way - See: or make your own like I did). If you focus on the task for a few hours each day you can still be productive and get around burnout :slight_smile:

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I think I get ahead of myself by looking at other projects. For instance, I’ll open a site I’m looking at just to see how it’s coded, and it looks like alphabet soup. I guess I just haven’t seen enough with JavaScript to put it in play yet.

If we’re splitting hairs, yes. Really I’m comparing PHP and JavaScript.

They both support scripting backend logic - I don’t see what’s wrong with comparing the two languages.

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On the topic of preventing burnout… I actually call myself the Burnout Queen. I have a horrible habit of throwing myself into something to the hilt of 100% and do not stop until my brain or body…or both go on strike and force me to stop… and usually I end up stopping for good. You’d think Id learn, but no…

I did that when I started FCC, was studying around 10hr a day and completely burned out…didnt touch FCC, code, none of it for almost 2 months. But then, heres the thing…I love programming…Ill never hit a point in my life where I dont ever touch it again. I also truly believe this is what I love and what to do for a living, and would make a major difference for me, not only financially, but also my quality of life overall and general happiness. I want to do something I love…

For yeeeears I knew I needed to learn JavaScript, but like you, Id look at the code and go omg ugh, let me keep this on my to do list and get to it later…Ive been saying that for hrmm…10 years now? FCC is literally the first thing Ive come across that inspired me to make later become now. Im pretty sure one day Ill get over the awe of opening up my js file and being totally amazed I actually wrote all that.

Anyway, on the subject of WordPress, I also always just settled for it, well…in my case it was settling cause its not really something that interests me to work on…it just so happens I know enough…bare minimum type stuff. Like for PHP, i know enough to be able to manipulate existing code, but thats no where near enough to be able to call myself a PHP developer, or even a WordPress developer…

Now, if you keep going back to WordPress because you love it…then why not focus more on learning PHP… you will still eventually need to learn JavaScript though since you’ll need to know it to create plugins, but I guess to connect the two together, Im able to prevent burnout because learning JavaScript, having the opportunities in development open up to me, that means a lot to me…so even though I did burn out, I came right back. For you, it may be sticking to WordPress and expanding your knowledge in PHP development.

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Most of your small business websites are built on WordPress, so it’s really a matter of following where the work is. It doesn’t do much for my creative side, however. Most are following JavaScript for the employment opportunities, and that’s okay! :slight_smile:

My tip on preventin burnout: Know that you only have about 5 hours in a given day where you can output 100% productivity. So if you’re going ham don’t try to exceed that and go and have some fun with friends. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t spend your down time reading a book or documentation if you want to.

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I feel very strongly that this is an appropriate reply :slight_smile: :

Meh. I used to train full time in a mentally taxing niche sport for a few years. What I found was rest is just as important as training to actually improve on my skills. Pretty sure it applies to programming too.

Programming is sometimes like those turn based games (Total War for example). There is always time for just one more turn…and then the sun rises. When you get excited about a project there is always that one more feature to implement, function or write or bug to fix…and then the sun rises :slight_smile: .

Yeah, sure. At the same time you’re not operating at that great of efficiency by that point.

Thats how I am… especially when Im super focused and on a roll…the time melts away. I cant imagine saying…okay times up I better stop this roll Im on! lol The other night I was getting kinda sleepy so I decided to make it early night, then looked at the clock and realized it was 4am :laughing:

That is totally different from when Im struggling and just cant think anymore…its way better to take a break than to spin my wheels not getting anywhere. But no way would I just pack it up and stop for no reason.

Funny you should mention 4am! just looked at my clock and its 4:03 at the moment :laughing: !

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