Preview Page always opens About:blank instead of New Tab


  1. I click on the PREVIEW button to open it in a new window.
  2. BEFORE… it would open in a new tab.
  3. Now it opens in a new (about:blank) window.

I am on Chrome using a macbook.

I have tried the following solutions with no sucess:

A. Reset my Chrome settings
B. Disabled my extensions (adblock)
C. Cleared Cache

On my other macbook it still works as I want (opening a new tab)

I am lost. Thank you for the help

Interestingly I have found 2 work arounds…

  1. (easiest) hold cmd+left click (ctrl on windows) = this will automatically open in a NEW TAB…
  2. Go on Safari and set it to ALWAYS open in in new tab.

2 hours of not doing any code because I had to solve this issue… but finally one random google thread had the answer… and now here it is for anybody out there…

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