Preview your work

Is there a substitute for Windows File Explorer for previewing your work on the side? I guess this one based on Internet Explorer and it won’t preview some elements either due to security or it’s inability. Anyways, what do you use?

It depends on what you’re working on. JSBin is handy for doing some quick tests. CodePen is good for building projects in. StackBlitz is what I use when I’m experimenting with Angular applications. Glitch is what FCC suggests for building your full-stack projects in.

Anything that’s offline?

Not that doesn’t use your file system. I re-read your original post and you don’t have to use Internet Explorer to view your local files. It should use your default browser, but you can also test it in any other browser you have installed.

I never use Internet Explorer to view my files. The preview on the file explorer uses Internet Explorer. My default is Firefox.