Print from web app on ios

In the last iOS Versions, The Task to print a file on a server or other source from a web app not possible Anymore. I need to integrate This functionality into A Web App to does this: select a file on a server or other Ressource using a Web App in an iOS device and print it. Sounds easy but I do not see a solution :frowning:

Simply choose a file from a hard drive or server when I am in the web app and then Choose a printer an print. Sounds easy. All on iOS.

I would use the lates iOS version. ATM I cant show any code.

Any ideas? APIs, Open source stuff?

Cheers. Julian

What is the tesk above?
What is something?
Do you have screenshot or any code?
What version of iOS are you using?

Hi. Thank you. I updated the message above.

I need the same info for android. But I guess no ideas here :frowning: