Printing the second lowest in an Object array

function secondCheapest(bookObj){
  const price = => {
    return bookObj.price
 const name = => {
   return bookObj.title
  let lowest = Math.min(...price)
  let second = price.filter(value => value != lowest)
  let n = Math.min(...second)
return n
    {title:'Fox In Socks', price:32.20},
    {title:'The Cat In The Hat', price:16.20},
    {title:'Green Eggs and Ham', price:28.50},
    {title:'Thinking Fast and Slow', price:58.80},
    {title:'War and Peace', price: 5.20}

I’m stuck here please help… I’m trying to return the second lowest price of the book here, but my code is printing the second price only. How can I make the code to print both the title and the price such as… title:‘The Cat In The Hat’, price:16.20

The variable n has the second lowest price. It is possible to filter the input array bookObj based upon the condition on the price property value matching the value of n.

I got the correct output, just that the price doesn’t include the title

Do you need to return this?

{ title: 'The Cat In The Hat', price: 16.2 }

Just filter the array as said above. Your n === 16.2, so it’s correct, but it’s just the number.

For your solution, you dont need this:

Yes. I want to print the title and the book price. My code is only printing the price

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