Priority to Learn in Javascript as a Beginner

I recently started to learn JavaScript, can someone give a guidelines which topic to be prioritize first in order to be a successful front-end developer.

Thanks in Advanced!

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Hey I started learning javaScript here on freeCodeCamp a couple months ago and I really struggled to grasp most concepts so I purchased this course from udemy which clarified everything for me and now I find the FCC “Basic Algorithm Scripting” “Intermediate Algorithm Scripting” and “javaScript algorithm and data structures projects” very useful problem solving resources and everything else is covered in depth on the course.
This is how my journey learning javaScript and I hope this helps you


Thanks! I already purchased it!

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Learn the data structures.
Learn the implicit/explicit(boxing, etc) coercion.
Learn about scope.
Learn about mutable values. (Very important in understanding javascript)
Learn the prototype delegation, callable objects(functions), learn the functional vs object orientated approach.
Learn about the object, how to freeze an object, how to create custom properties, setter getter. (This is not something you would do daily but understating this capabilities is critical )
Learn how ‘this’ mechanism works based on how the function containing it is called.

You can find all this resources on google for free. Take that list above item by item.

These topics are, in my opinion, the building blocks of learning JS.
When you understand the above you can dive intro es6+ syntax, creating modules and doing imports.
Getting into npm packages and using different modules to do different tasks as you see fit.

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Nice recommendation. Jonas is an excellent teacher.


Thanks GeorgeCrisan! I appreciate your advice and I will put these on my pocket!