Privacy Settings buttons assignment

Please, can anybody explain when the option of Privacy Settings is really activated: when it’s Green colored or Gray? It’s not entirely clear how the button uses the function.

All of those are currently set to ‘Private’. If you were just to try interacting with it, you would see that clicking on one of the options sets it to grey and it is only set to green when you click on the other option.

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Super confusing UI. Green is normally associated with something that is Active / On / Go. Grey is normally associated with Disabled / Off / N/A. It would have been better UI to highlight the current setting in green with a check-mark next to it, then grey-out the option that isn’t currently enabled, and make them both clickable.

I think that this was just a mixup that happened when the “Nigh Mode” was implemented. If you look at the original (light) theme, you’ll see that the selected options are green.