Probability Calculator - Test 3 wrong probability

I get a different probability than what is needed to pass - I get .186 instead of .272 required in the solution.
I think it has something to do with my use of random - choice. I tried some other variants - random int, random sample…but it still doesn’t pass (but it makes a small difference to my probability). So I might have gone wrong somewhere else in my code, I just don’t understand where.

Would anyone be able to take a look?

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Challenge: Probability Calculator

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Line 74 seems wrong, as it only allows EXACT matches - but the task is to draw AT LEAST the number of expected balls.
So if I expect 2 blue and one green → then draw 2 blue and 2 green, I am successful. But your code would say “temp is 4, but only 3 balls were expected, so that’s a wrong” :wink:

Thanks for taking a look! Yes, I definitely had the wrong condition to check if the result matched the expected criteria, I’m going to rework it.