Probably a really easy fix

Text failed to load…

Hi @Dunoshi ,
I saw a mistake in your CSS code. You have forgot pixel unit in your ‘font-weight size’. Try to correct it and you will see if it’s right.

nav .logo{
  float: left;
  color: white;
  font-size: 27px;
  font-weight: 600;
  line-height: 70px;
  padding-left: 60px;

It would be much easier to help you if you would put this on a server and provide a link so we can see the page in action (including the image). Or if you have this in github then give us the URL to the repo.

Font-weight has nothing to do with the background itself. Thanks for trying though

EDIT: Also, font weight can be written without ‘px’ following it.

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Sorry! I will watch again. Please write some of your code that needs to be fixed.

Yes, there are plenty of free web hosting services out there, just do a search for ‘free web hosting’. Or you can definitely put it in github and send us a link to the repo.

You can just use something like Codepen when asking for help.

Did you try using background-size: cover

So where is your image?

I would look at the background-size property. You’ve got a few different values you could go with depending on how much you are willing to “distort” the image.

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