Problem 1: Multiples of 3 and 5 problem

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For some reason this code is not working, and I don’t even know why

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function multiplesOf3and5(number) {
  var i;
  for (i=3; i++; i<number) {
    var sum=0;
      if (i%5 ===0 || i%3 ===0) sum=sum+i;
  return sum;


You are setting sum to 0 at every iteration of the loop

Your problem has been solved, but note that this is very inefficient way of solving it.
A much more efficient way of solving it is to sum all multiples of 3, all multiples of 5 and then subtract all multiples of 15.

So you want to calculate sum(n=1…floor(1000/3),3xn) + sum(n=1…floor(1000/5),5xn)-sum(n=1…floor(1000/15)) This ends up as three arithmetic sums
3x333x(333+1)/2+5x199x(199+1)/2- 15x66x(66+1)/2

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