Problem 3: Largest prime factor - Test won't pass

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Hi, I think that there may be a problem with the tests for this challenge. The test fails saying:

largestPrimeFactor(600851475143) should return 6857.

However, when i run my code in the console then I do get 6857 as my answer. Please could you check that the tests are running correctly?


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function largestPrimeFactor(number) {
  if(isPrime(number)) return number;
  for(let i = Math.floor(Math.sqrt(number)); i >= 2; i--) {
    if(isPrime(i) && number % i === 0) return i;
  return 2;

function isPrime(n) {
  if(n < 2) return false
  for(let i = 2; i <= Math.floor(Math.sqrt(n)); i++) {
    if(n % i === 0) return false;
  return true;


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You are probably triggering the infinite loop protection

To check for that you can add a console.log() to check what the value of a variable is before being returned, open the browser console, clean it and run the tests.