Problem after passing the test:Build a Survey form

Hi there,
I have already passed the test about building a Survey Form.
After showing my project to a friend on a smaller screen I realized my text-area was not responsive, so I decided to correct the project by adding some styling in CSS : with

textarea{ max-width: 95%;}

This made the page responsive, but now is showing that I am failing the test :cold_face: !! What happened? Can someone give me a suggestion? As I want my portfolio to be all right and be able to show my work.

Here a link of my work:

Thank you in advance for your time.


What test is not passing for you?

Just the first is passing and other 2 that I cannot collect now. I should start recreate to code from the beginning. Let me check.

I see all tests passing, that’s why I am asking

Really? I cannot understand why from my computer is failing…But yes I already completed all tests, it started to show me the failing test after I restyled a text-area…Very strange

I don’t see this rule - have you saved recently?

EDIT: sorry, I see it

if you click on the number of passing tests it shows which ones are falling, check that

ok thank you very much. I will try it!

I have found the problem, I was selecting the wrong test-suite! Now is working =)

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