Problem claiming front end certificate

Hey everyone! I’m having an issue claiming my front end development certificate. I lost some progress in the beginning, but from what I understand everything marked with a * is required, so losing progress from the very beginning shouldn’t matter. Everything with a * shows as completed on my map, as well as on my profile with solutions for the algorithms or links to codepen for the projects. When I get to step 3 on “Claim your front end development certificate” I hit confirm and get this message: “Looks like you have not completed the neccessary steps. Please return to the challenge map.” Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas as to what I should do? I tried e-mailing support, but I got an automated reply

It looks like there is an open Issue for this. You can try using a different browser or clearing your cache just to see if it makes some difference (if it does, please put a note in the Issue to help us fix it). Otherwise @QuincyLarson can manually fix your account.

Thanks for your quick reply! Unfortunately, neither using a different browser or clearing the cache worked.

Thanks for experimenting for us.