Problem copying

i am having an issue with copying for step 115 skyline and i couldnot select the code

Hello! In order to post the code, as well as a link to the challenge, you can click the “ask for help” button on the respective challenge. It may appear as just a question mark. Once you post the code and describe what you don’t understand, then we can help you :smiley:

I did not get the “get the help” ?

I erased the hint because I took the screenshot from a different challenge, but if you are having trouble with a challenge and try to submit it a couple times without success, it will show an icon with a question mark like in this photo. You can click that icon and it will give you the option of posting a new forum topic with your code and your question, but before you post a new forum topic it will help you to search the forums to see if your question about the respective challenge has already been answered. I hope this helps.

I got it fixed Beause i researched it.

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