Problem getting markdown previewer to read inline code

I´m having a hard time getting the previewer to read the inline code. I know it has something to be with string literals, but I can´t quite figure it out. Here´s the code:

The problem is likely to be here:


You are immediately invoking the getMarkdownText function. Try removing the (). You may also need to add .bind(this) in its place, as you refer to this within the getMarkdownText function.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried that but it doesn´t seem to work (I get a different error). The error I am getting with the string literal is:

              ## h2 Heading
              Here´s a link too: (
              Inline " is not a function

Your state.value has back ticks ( ` ) nested within back ticks, cutting the string short. Try changing the first and last back ticks to a single quote.

Thank you for answering. I tried that, but now it´s not even reading the quotes properly:

value: '# h1 Heading 
              ## h2 Heading
              Here´s a link too: (
              Inline `code`

              Indented code

              // Some comments
              line 1 of code
              line 2 of code
              line 3 of code
              Block code "fences"

An image:

![Stormtroopocat]( "The Stormtroopocat")
> Blockquotes can also be nested...
>> using additional greater-than signs right next to each other...
> > > ...or with spaces between arrows.

Ordered list

1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
2. Consectetur adipiscing elit
3. Integer molestie lorem at massa

## Emphasis

**This is bold text**

__This is bold text__

*This is italic text*

_This is italic text_'

Ah, yes, because state.value is on multiple lines it needs to start and end with a back tick ` . You will need to escape any internal backticks by putting a backslash \ before them.

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