Problem getting returned values from outside functions

Hi all! I’m building a react calculator for the frontend libraries projects, and I’m a bit stuck now trying to evaluate the results.

I made long time ago one with eval, but I’m trying a different approach now, generating an array of numbers and strings for the signs, which I will care of at the end.

Meanwhile the user inputs the numbers I parse them with this function:

parseData: function (arr, value) {
    if (!this.isOp.test(value)) {
      value = parseFloat(parseFloat(value).toFixed(4))
      if ( === '-') {
        value = -value
        arr = [...arr.slice(0, -1)]
    //return signs or numbers already parsed
    return (arr= [...arr, value])

I invoke this function in this way:
setFormula(run.parseData(formula, currentVal))

where run is the object where I store all the helper functions.
formula= state to store all inputs.
currentVal = state to store the last input.

Until here is all fine, my problem is when I invoke this function at the end to parse the last result when the user clicks ‘=’.

from the same object:

calculate: function (arr, value) {
    this.parseData(arr, value)
    this.evalLastInput(arr).filter(item => item !== '+').this.calcPrecedence(arr)
    return setResult(arr)

I always get the same Array without change. I put some console logs and the array is actually changing, but when it returns is the same again.

I tryed to re declare it before sinding to next function, but the same result, I guess is referencing always the same arr, but how can I change this array between functions?

What I want to do is:

receive an array in my function as argument then → send to anothe and get back again changed, then to another 2 functions.

I can write all functions inside the same but the problem is with the first which is being used more often for other components.

I’ve already solved:
arr = this.parseData(arr, value)
I did that way before posting and dind’t solved. My error wasn’t in this code, I had a wrong update to the state from another component. Always that I invoked this function I was re-updating the state with the old value. So I can’t never seen the changes. LOL

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