Problem in Code implementation

hello @everyone,
I need your kind help, I have been studying JavaScript for the past months and even now am studying JavaScript. I know almost all the basic fundamentals of the language but whenever I want to implement it in to a real world problem solving , I always fail and get frustrated. So I kindly ask for any suggestion that can help me to start getting better and well versed with implementing my codes for JavaScript in to my simple projects,
Could it be I go back through the curriculum again? am really confused!!

Hi @19alema !

When I first started with javascript my main problem was that I would dive into code to soon without a good plan to build the project.

In the first couple of months, I built tons of small little projects just to practice.
I would first think about what the main components were and step by step turned it into code.

They don’t have to be original or super polished.
These are just for practice.

Start small and focus on the main components first.
Then tackle one component at a time and slowly turn it into code.

When you get stuck, you can look through stackoverflow answers, google articles, watch youtube videos and ask the forum for help.

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