Problem in section "Declare a Read-Only Variable with the const Keyword"

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I can’t pass through this test in anyway and i saw that other people had the same problem. Could someone help me?

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function printManyTimes(str) {

// Altere apenas o código abaixo desta linha

  const SENTENCE = str + " is cool!";
  for (let i = 0; i < str.length; i+=2) {

// Altere apenas o código acima desta linha

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Challenge: Declare a Read-Only Variable with the const Keyword

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The challenge to which you’ve linked and the solution you’ve shown are in no way related. If you’re trying to pass the challenge to which you’ve linked:

var fCC = "freeCodeCamp"; // Change this line
var fact = "is cool!"; // Change this line
fact = "is awesome!";
console.log(fCC, fact); // Change this line

You’ll likely have to reset the lesson and start over again.


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