Problem in understanding of variables , any help would be apreciated

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any help i still understand how it works?
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// Setup
var a;
a = 7;
var b;

// Only change code below this line
var a;
b = 7;

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Challenge: Assigning the Value of One Variable to Another

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Hey, in this one you don’t actually have to make two seperate assignments. Above your code you can see a = 7, by making b equal to a then you are also fulfilling he second test which is to make b equal to 7.

I also seen you’ve re-declared var a once a variable has been declared in this way (which it has already been above) then you can reference the variable by simply using it’s name, in this case a.

Hope this helps.

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thank you, ill try to figure out :slight_smile:

i really appreciate! now i understand and i got the answer… thank you!

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