Problem of taking into account the validation of the exercises

** Sorry for my basic English language, because I am French **

In fact, the problem is that when I validate an exercise with the CTRL + ENTER keys the exercises are not validated in the FreeCodeCamp exercises curraeculum list.

By cons, if I validate the exercise by taking the mouse and clicking directly on the green button called ** Run the tests **, in this case the exercise is validate and taken into account.

For example, yesterday, I did a dozen exercises without them being taken into account or validated and today I have to start all over again, but this time by validating the exercises with the mouse on the green button called ** Run the tests **.

What is really not interesting !!!

Could you do something so that the validation of the exercises is again taken into account when running the tests with the keys * CTRL* + *ENTER *, so that it works again correctly ?

Mr Joel Delzongle

What browser are you using? What version is it?

I am use FireFox Developer Edition

I’m not sure what might be different with Developer Edition, but I find that tests work properly in the primary stable versions of both Chrome and Firefox.