Problem Setting Birthday

Try entering a birthday in the profile page. I filled out my profile but when I got to the birthday when I selected a month the page went blank. When I was able to get back to the page my changes were lost. So I re-entered as much as I felt like re-entering and saved and then I tried again to specify a birthday. The same problem occurs whether I try to specify a month or a day; the page just goes blank as soon as I select either a day or a month.

I am using a current version of Edge and a current version of Windows 10. The same thing happens in Chrome and Edge uses Chrome internally. The problem does not exist for Firefox; I was able to set my birthday using Firefox.

That sounds like something completely unrelated to OP’s issue. I’m moving your reply into its own thread.

Okay. Moving it is good. Moderators in some other forums would want the issues together so I was not sure.

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