problem solving in front end development?

How important is problem solving skills in front end? I am currently studying software development with a focus on games and game engines, and i suck at it. i cant work out problems at all. My problem solving skills are basically non existent. So is it that important in front end dev?

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I think problem solving is important in any type of development.

You have to remember what the job is.

Developers don’t get paid just to code all day for no reason.

They get paid to solve business solutions with code. :grinning:

In your opinion, if i have been studying for a few years (not web dev but other software dev stuff) and I am still really struggling with solving issues, is programming not for me? I am beginning to feel that I should maybe move on, and that im just not cut out for it

What kinds of problems are struggling with?

Are you struggling with hardcore algorithm problems?
If so, that doesn’t mean you are a bad programmer.

Lot’s of people aren’t super great with those types of challenges.

Most problems, I cant think of many examples just now, but I normally can figure out the very basic problems given but when it gets to more difficult stuff that is when i really struggle.

I had given leetcode a try a while back, and couldnt even figure out easy problems after hours of trying.

I would suggest starting off with fCC’s basic algorithm section.

Then you can move onto their intermediate section.

If you get stuck, then you can ask the forum for help.

It also very possible that you don’t have a good way to break down the problem in small pieces and write it out in pseudo code first before implementing it into code.

The forum can help with that too.

But as I mentioned earlier, not be super great a leetcode shouldn’t keep you from wanting to be a developer.

For example, I work part time for a small company and I am not quizzed on binary search trees.

I mainly work on fixing bugs in the existing code base and adding new small features.

Data structures and algorithms are important but don’t get hung up on struggling with leetcode.

I think you just need a different approach and the forum can help you come up with different strategies on how to solve the problem.


Thank you, I will give myself a few more weeks continuing with the courses here, and will include the algorithm section you provided. Hopefully that will make me feel better, and get me away from feeling like giving up with all programming.

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