Problem understanding "Regular Expressions: Restrict Possible Usernames" challenge

In the above challange, the answer should be

let userCheck = /^[a-z]{2,}\d*$/i;
but I wrote

let userCheck = /\w[\D]/gi; // Change this line
it shows that my answer is correct. why does it happen?

My guess is that it is a bug in the fcc testing. If you go to

and put in your regex and then test “JACK”, “J”, “Oceans11”, etc. you will see your regex is not a full match for any of the tests. However, /^[a-z]{2,}\d*$/i is a full match.

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The issue is that you are not using anchors (^, $), and you are using the g flag with the test method, which you totally shouldn’t use if you haven’t read documentation about it

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thank you very much.

can you give me a link where I can clear all my confusion about Regex?

I don’t know, it depends on what you are confused about

Maybe take a look at this:

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