Problem Uploading Image

IN the My Tribute page I can’t get the image to load. Have coded, following FCC instructions, as follows:

 <div id="image-div">
      <img id="image" src="" alt="">
      <img-caption id="img-caption"> The young Ali looking away from the camera

Any help appreciated


I assume the link you used refers to the Wikipedia “image download page”. If you right-click the image there you can copy this link, which seems to work …

Image did not upload when using this code within the image-tag:

src=“” alt=""

Any help appreciated

I answered on your other post:

Please do not create multiple topics for the same issue. I have merged your topics.

Please not that in the original post the html, which I had copied out to be seen, failed to show in the message.

I had no choice but to rewrite the post, with the angle-tags removed so the code could be read.


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Nice to be informed after the event!

Hi Michael!

Just re-ran your code suggestion and its working perfectly. Many thanks,


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