Problem using print() for a challenge solution

Continuing the discussion from Added print() to code example and browser print prompt keeps opening

I did exactly the same thing… Not sure how to fix it.

Can you be more specific? What code are you using? What are you trying to do vs what you are seeing happen?

If you place a ‘print “something”;’ in the code box on the Profile Lookup In the Javascript section, running the code in Chrome causes a loop to start where the print dialog appears. You can’t cancel it It just constantly pops up.

Like one of the previous responders to the OP’s question in the other thread said, you probably should be using console.log and not print. If you would share your entire code, I can take a look. I am moving this to a new thread.

You’re misunderstanding.

Adding print was an accident (old habit). If you add it, you end up stuck in an loop where you can’t get out of it.

If the FCC challenge is frozen because of your code, then the following should help you temporarily disable the autorun feature, so you can change the code.

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Great! That’ll do it. You can then go and remove the offending line!