Problem using reduce in UniteUnique challenge

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I am trying to use flat() and reduce() to solve the UniteUnique challenge.
I have an accumulator initialized to , and I’m adding each new value only if it does not already exist in the accumulator.

I keep getting the error message: TypeError: acc.contains is not a function

I also get the same message if I use acc.push(), but not acc.concat().

Any ideas what’s going on? Thanks for reading!

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function UniteUnique(...args) {
let newarr=args.flat();
newarr = newarr.reduce((acc,curr) => 
      !acc.contains(curr) ? acc.concat(curr):acc, [])
return newarr;

console.log(UniteUnique([1, 3, 2], [5, 2, 1, 4], [2, 16]));                                      

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Challenge: Sorted Union

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contains is for html nodes

You may want to use includes


If you are ever in doubt about what prototype methods are on something you can open up the browser console and look at the autocomplete you get.


Or you can always go MDN and check.

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Thank you! For some reason I get them confused and then I don’t notice.

I figured out the other one as well – push returns the length, rather than an array.

Thank you! That’s a great shortcut.