Problem with 3rd project of Responsive Design

Hey guys,

I have run the test and I still get 2/17. Did I did some typo mistakes?

Hello Mr.P.

You need to be very careful to avoid typos.

  1. You have a space in your id=" header" //Remove space
  2. I have answered your previous post about the issue with having spaces in your id & href. href has to match the id exactly NO SPACES
  3. e-mail is not the same as email. Go over your work, and follow instructions to the T.
  4. You have access to the test results. They give very informative errors as to why you are not passing all test. Read through them
  5. There are only 16 tests to pass. Make sure you are testing for the Product Landing Page

I hope this helps you, but please go back through the lessons to get a firm grasp on what is allowed in HTML and CSS, and what is the industry standard.

Happy coding

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Hey Sky020,

I don’t thinks removing the space is the main problem.

But thanks for corresponding so quickly. I will try to debug my page ( even though I don’t know what is wrong) :slight_smile:

I did it myself. If you correct all the typos, and remove the spaces, the tests will pass.