Problem with a carousel and text

hi, everyone

i need your favour one more time, i’m making this landing page for a project using a mix of my own css/html skills and a piece of bootstrap.
the thing is that i want that the text and the button in the carousel stay in the bottom left corner of the img, i was trying with diferent kind of position, and the only one that works in one moment was position:initial. but idk what i did that didn’t work again.

Hi, you could try this:

.carousel-caption {
	position: absolute;
	left: 20px;
	bottom: 20px;

and remove “right: 15%;” not needed. Might look good if the text is left aligned also.

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If you only want the button to move to the left, try this:

.carousel-caption a{
  1. Because buttons are inline-block, they are treated as text.
  2. I’ve tested and it works fine for laptops.
  3. Didn’t check the responsive behaviour.
  4. should be properly implemented using a class.
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