Problem with a task

Hello everyone. Could you please advise me on what am I doing wrong here, since according to all of the tutorials I’m doing everything correctly. I need to set the opacity of the anchor tags to 0.7 using links class to select them. When I’m doing so, it is still saying " Your code should set the opacity property…" . Please take a look at the screenshots and give me some hand with it.

Click ‘reset all code’ and try again in case you modified the code elsewhere, what you’re doing looks correct

Welcome Brockman.

For future posts on the forum, please paste the code you are requiring help with, using the correct format (backticks). This helps people help you. Also, I changed the sub-forum of your post.

Also, often, if people are correctly typing the challenges, but the tests are not passing, it is because of these reasons:

  1. Your browser/version is not compatible with the tests.
  2. You have a browser extension that is interfering with the tests.

So, try your code in a different browser, if need be.

Hope this helps.

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