Problem with bootstra

Hi guys,
I have an probelm with bootstrap.
On pages where I use this I have problems with my menu(and text generally):

  <link href="" rel="stylesheet">

((I need to use it for datatables plugin ))


So my question is how to fix this…

it’s probably because of the order of your <link> tags in the head. Make sure your css file is the last among the <link> tags.

ul classes have a padding setting on default Im guessing bootstrap is causing this.

set the padding for the ul element to 0 like so

padding: 0;

this will reset the padding that bootstrap set for ul elements

Adding to what @stel and @benjamin-summers mentioned, bootstrap version less than 4 will add some padding based on the width of the device, so we should apply the style for the body { } as padding:0

Whereas in Bootstrap v4, it doesn’t happen, it lets us to add the padding

Which .css need to be last? My main css? When I set my main .css last,i have bigger problems…

Is this good?

  <ul style="padding: 0;">

It don’t work :frowning:

I was thinking bootstrap was overwriting your font-styles that why I suggested it should come last so that its not overwritten.
But if you do not have any styles defined for your fonts in your main.css you wouldn’t see any changes even if it comes last.

ya that should have worked. you might try doing the margin the same. do you have your code on codepen or jsfiddle so I can see it

Sujith3021 made a good comment as well you might try setting the body to 0 padding and 0 margin

by the way you are using bootstrap 3

boostrap 4 is the latest version

Think you need to read this to understand whats going on in bootstrap with the fonts.

No.I don’t use Bootstrap3.I use last version(bootstrap 4.1.3 i think) .
I need it for datatables.When I don’t have it my datatables look like this:

When I have it:

That’s only reason why I use bootstrap 3.3.6(that’s only on this page,other pages work normal)…
((I’m find on google that for datatables I need to add this 3.3.6 css…Because when i don’t have it,it don’t work good…))

if everything works correctly with bootstrap 3 I would just use it. its a good library.
but if you just want the grid system there is no reason to use the entire bootstrap library
you only need the bootstrap-grid.css