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Please what is wrong with my if…else statement?.
It should return false if emp and arr has an element in common. But it is doing the opposite.
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function truthCheck(collection, pre) {
var emp=[];
var arr=["", undefined, null, 0, false, []];

for(let i=0; i<emp.length; i++){
  for(let j=0; j<arr.length; j++){
      var result=true
    }else if(emp[i]===arr[j]){
      var result=false
return result

console.log(truthCheck([{"user": "Tinky-Winky"}, {"user": "Dipsy", "sex": "male"}, {"user": "Laa-Laa", "sex": "female"}, {"user": "Po", "sex": "female"}], "sex"));
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Challenge: Everything Be True

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this will give the result for whatever last values i and j have, so your code is at the end checking only the last one, not all of them

This is a better alternative then how you are using arr
This will work similarly, but make sure you read the docs to understand the difference

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please how do i make it check everything?

helpful. thank you for the link

This will work wih your current use of arr

You will however need to use: Number.isNaN() - JavaScript | MDN as (NaN === NaN) would be false.

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