Problem with chrome browser not showing test drop down in codepen

Not really a question, more of awareness.

I started my tribute page in codepen on chrome browser.

After a very long and frustrating time I realised the hamburger menu icon to test the page did not display in my chrome browser, checked my phone too(also chrome) and it was the same.

I tried this :

and nothing.

Solution I found was to download firefox browser.

You did the first one on the list, good job because this is becoming more and more common and it takes time to figure out what`s wrong when you just change apps and /or your browser. As a side note chrome is dropping a lot of support and in my case it stopped working all together on one of my computers , my best guess is the hardware requirment but who knows. :ok_hand:

Oh the fun of compatibility. I’ve wasted a lot of hours trying to get something to work only to realize the browser didn’t support it. One of the worst ones was something to do with transitions in CSS. I spent so long trying to get it to work. It worked locally but when I visited from another device it didn’t.
Finally I realized I was developing on Firefox and the issue was on Chrome. Quick check on MDN and sure enough, not supported. :laughing:

You are either blocking third-party cookies or you have some extension installed that blocks the cookies and/or the test script. Because the test script should work just fine in Chrome.

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