Problem with clamp

Hi, I am building my portfolio website. I want to give my introduction section (#home) a height of 100vh, min-height of 500px and a max of 900px but it just not work.
You can see it here
Please help

It appears to be working for me. Use your browser’s inspector tool to see that the height never goes below 500 or above 900. Is there some issue that leads you to believe it isn’t working?

It seems to be working for me as well. I just don’t know if it is doing what you think it is.

You can look at the computed values and see that it is clamped between 500px and 900px with the “preferred” value set to whatever 100vh computes to.

but the height does not go above 753.6 pixels when I inspect it and the content is also being pushed in the next section.

Is your browser window taller than 753px? If so, I don’t know what to tell you because both I and @lasjorg have confirmed it is working properly. What browser/version/OS are you using?

I got my mistake. I thought that after the section wraps and the child elements stack vertically, it will automatically take more than the 100vh height if needed to fit the content.

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