Problem with CodePen and FCC contribution

Hi all,
I started to create the ‘Personal Portfolio’ page yesterday in CodePen, today however, I only see the code but no page. It doesn’t matter whether I have ‘auto load’ or ‘Run’.
It also keeps asking for me to sign up for one of their ‘plans’ which I am unable to do.

Which leads me to the FCC contribution problem.

When we try to donate to FCC, we are told that we must have a PayPal account in order to do so. Wtf?!

I don’t live in the seedy world of criminal and parasitic financial institutions… So have no bank accounts nor credit cards. I do have one pre-paid debit card but am not into giving my details to PayPal.
Having said that, I am more than happy to donate via my debit card but do not have that option.

Is there no way that FCC could start to accept crypto payments?

I’m honestly confused.

Am I blocked from continuing in CodePen until I pay them? If so, why didn’t they say that before I started? And if that IS the case, then what other options are there to continue the course without also having to pay third-party entities?

Can I not just copy and paste the script into a different code editor, or are we bound to using CodePen?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Sorry @Tufty55, but I think there is some sort of confusion

Freecodecamp is completely free. You can make a donation through Paypal if you want, but it is not mandatory.

In contrast, Codepen has a free service and a paid one. You don’t have to pay to use it for the Freecodecamp challenges.

Yes, it is possible that Codepen shows you advertising to try to convince you to buy the paid service, but you don’t have to do it.


EDIT: @Tufty55, in this tweet, Freecodecamp declares that donations in Bitcoins are accepted!


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You can create as many public “pens” as you want on CodePen for free. If you want more than one project, though, you’ll have to upgrade to pro. Codepen has a great blog post that explains what a project is. For your freeCodeCamp projects, using a pen should be fine. That’s what I used, and I’m pretty sure that’s what everybody uses. If I’m not mistaken, FCC has its learners use Codepen because the free plan is really generous (again, unlimited public pens), you can write code and see your changes immediately in the built-in IDE so it’s great for beginners and pros, and when your projects in Codepen are reviewed for certificates, reviewers can easily view your code and the end result together.

I think I might know what’s happening here. Did you click the [Open Live View in a New Window] button in the lower right part of the screen? For me, when I click that button it opens a new window so I can view my pen result, but when I go back to the pen editor window, the view has changed so I only see my code and not the IDE part. To get my IDE section back, I click the [Change View] button near the top of the screen and select [Editor View]. I made a short screen recording of the entire process in case it’s helpful:

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Thank you for your replies.

I tried clicking various options as suggested but to no avail, so have just deleted the project and will start again.
It seems clear that a greater familiarity with the workings of CodePen is the first requirement.

I’ll go give it another go…

Thanks again for your support