Problem with coding on tablet

Hi! Trying to do Free Code Camp on my Android Tablet (5.x). I’m on the comment lesson. Whenever I try to type “<!–” it changes automatically to “<-”. Why is this? Is it preventable?

Sounds like autocorrect is getting in your way. Your best course of action is to just turn it off

If that doesn’t help you should just be able to google your particular model.

Tip: It’s usually best to get used to coding on your computer using an IDE in order to get the hang of it :slight_smile:

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Turning off autocorrect didn’t help. And the reason i’m trying to use my tablet is because i often don’t have a computer with me when i have time to code.

Any other ideas?

A tablet is not good to use for coding. Is there really not any way it can (even in the future–as a goal, for instance) be replaced with a laptop?

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Perhaps try downloading an IDE on your tablet. Without going out and buying a laptop, I think you can find a working solution. It sounds like you turned autocorrect off… Also, make sure there isn’t any shortcuts set on your device that automatically changes characters.