Problem with hover
hi guys.when i hover types the other nav elements get bigger.whats the problem?

Hi @mersad1998,
Add this to the JS area of codepen;

    var all=document.getElementsByTagName("*");
    for(var i=0,max=all.length;i<max;i++) {
      all[i].style.outline="1px solid #"+((1<<24)*Math.random()|0).toString(16)

It will put boxes around every element so you can see how you have things defined. As you will see, your nav-links are all the same and it’s the boxes that are growing. The first one to accmmodate the increase in font size, the other boxes are just following along though their font sizes are not increasing.

Wish I could give a shout-out to who-ever posted that JS snippet. I got it from one of the forums months ago and occasionally still use it. I just don’t recall who it was though I’m sure it was one of the mods.

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