Problem with "img" tag

Hello everyone. I’m getting nervous because I don’t understand why the img tag doesn’t work out. The output it is always the “alt” element that I give. Maybe there could be a problem with the source of my computer saved image, but I just copy the path and paste it. And even the responsevly resize of it seem not to work. I just put width:100%; so that it can resize within the partners element and max-width:auto; so that it will never be bigger than in his source. Can someone help my plese??

Hello @Marcomontuoriurc,

I don’t what is your code but if the image doesn’t appear it must be because of the path. I don’t advice you to copy paste the path. watch well where your image is. For example, let say you have these organisation:


Then the path should be “images/my_image.png” (for example)

Without seeing your code, we can’t help you find the error in it.