Problem with inserting video

Hello I’m stuck on the project 3 Responsive design, I can not insert video as cela is done on the proposed example. Can someone help me?

Hi @MiysterAndhiy, welcome to the forums.
Provide a link to your codepen so we can see what you’ve tried and then give you some hints as to how to move forward.

I was just about to type the same questions and then saw this. I am able to embed a video from youtube if I use iframe tag instead of video. But this fails the test for embedded video even if I give it an id of “video”

When you get a link from youtube to embed it gives you a link using iframe. For example here is mine:



link to my codepen also:

This is the link of my Codepen

@MiysterAndhiy, right click on the video, click on the ‘copy embed code’ link and paste that in you code

You likely also want to look into making the video responsive.

Thk you for all helpings.
I found solution