Problem with jquery "append" [Solved]

I’m working on the Wikipedia Viewer, and when my AJAX call goes to .append() the results to the html, they flash briefly and then disappear. I feel like I remember having run into this behavior before, but I don’t remember the solution. Here’s my working project, and here’s a troubleshooting fork in which I just replaced the $("#output").append(...) part with a simple document.write(), and it works there.

The entire line in question is:
$("#output").append("<div class='card'><div class='card-content'><span class='card-title'>" + data[1][1] + "</span></div></div>"); (eventually it will be data[1][i], inside a for loop. Just checking first.)

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You should add event.preventDefault(); at the end of .submit() function :slight_smile:

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That’s got it, thanks!