Problem with JS certification

Hi, I finished the Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures course, and I haven’t seen my certification show up yet. I read somewhere that I need to have either viewable code or live demonstrations of solving the problems. I don’t think I properly provided that. Is there any way someone could either look and verify that I am done, or reset what would be necessary for me to complete again on codepen? Thank you!

You need to go to your account settings to claim your certificate. Before you can do so, you also need to agree to the Academy Honesty Pledge.

To make your certificate appear in your profile, you need to have your profile, your timeline and your certificates set to public. If you want your name to appear on your profile you also need to have your name set to public.


Just to clarify, these projects for the javascript section are 5 algorithm challenges that you complete in the fcc editor.
You complete them just like the other regular challenges in the course and click “go to next challenge” in order to submit your answers.

The use of codepen is only needed for the previous responsive design course and the upcoming front end and d3 courses.

Hope that makes sense.

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Okay, great. Thank you!

It does make sense. Thank you very much!

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