Problem with JS exercise

need help with this. for some reason its not working
exercise 49

Sometimes your HTML elements will receive multiple styles that conflict with one another.

For example, your h1 element can’t be both green and pink at the same time.

Let’s see what happens when we create a class that makes text pink, then apply it to an element. Will our class override the body element’s color: green; CSS property?

Create a CSS class called pink-text that gives an element the color pink.

Give your h1 element the class of pink-text.

body { background-color: black; font-family: Monospace; color: green; } pink-text { color: pink; }

Hello World!

Hi, you need to add a period before the pink-text class like so:

.pink-text {
color: pink;

If are using a class to style with CSS, you need to add a period in front.

i did it still doesn’t work. nvm it works

The h1 needs a pink class, it says it right there

<h1 class="pink">Hello world</h1>