Problem with landing page project nav bar viewport

I am having problems passing this user story. I understand I need to add position: fixed to my header, but I just don’t seem to be able to pass this test. Please may someone look at my code. When I do use position: fixed and add a width of 100% to my header, the header overlaps my main element of my webpage. So not sure what I am doing wrong. P.S I have done minimal css on this project please don’t be appalled by the awful styling of my flex box :grinning:
Here is a link to my codepen

Hi! Maybe you should use id selector for you header in css, have you tried it?

Try adding margin-top (around 100px) to your main and it should be just fine.

thank you this worked, but I am still unable to pass this user story. Its so frustrating lol

I logged out then back in again and was somehow able to pass the user story. Thank you so much.

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