Problem with Markdown Previewer

Hi everybody, i’m facing this challenge. For build my own project im getting help from the freeCodeCamp youtube video at this link. Anyway at the beginning of my project, following the steps described in the video, i have trouble, here’s my codepen project. Once i create my component, the browser doesn’t print the trial word ‘Hello’ like in the youtube’s video, but indeed it give me the following error: Const declarations require an initialization value (1:9)
I really dont know were im wrong, i imported react, reactdom, and bootstrap in the css, i ask for help to you thanks!

Resolved. Syntax error.

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Just to be clear, it is telling you that a const value has to be initialized since it can’t be changed later. But as you probably found out, it looks like you are building a class component so you need that keyword, and “component” needs a capital “C”. You could use const if you were using a functional component.

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Good job tracking down your error! Most days it feels like 90% of programming is debugging.


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