Problem with my tribute page


How do I make the gray border only go around the picture and not have the white in between on both sides?
I would also like the text below the picture to be on the gray border.


You should move the silver-color class from the containing <div> to the image itself. So your image should have class="silver-color img-responsive center-block". This also makes the <div> around it redundant, so you can remove it.

Codepen tip :wink: : Write your CSS in the provided CSS field (the center editor) to make your code tidier and more readable.

Thank you @kevcomedia,
I was only writing the CSS in the html editor since the tribute page assignment mentions it and does it that way, but it does look more readable doing it in the CSS fiels.

Can I also put the text below the picture on top of the gray border?

I’m sorry I don’t quite get it. :confused:

U can if u set absolute for position on both text and that ‘border’, and for ‘border’ z index 1 and for text z index 2, and then position them with margins etc…