Problem with nested divs carrying a link. What's wrong here?

I’m working on my portfolio page for html css. It passed the tests but I’m making it more complex with the help of a friend. He is very busy now so I’m asking the forum about this.
I have images covered by a black transparent background carrying a link. The background appears on hover and is supposed to take you elsewhere if you click on the words written there.
Problem is, image flickers when I hover, and the links don’t work.
I reviewed it many times but I still can’t find my bug.
Here’s my pen and thanks to the fellow coders here.

Hi there, you mean images in the project section? I clicked on those and they are working. you want that functionality for which images on the main page?

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@anon58011934 Hi, thank you for showing up.
The images in the project section work, I meant the watercolor gallery images.
Thank you for your help!

try setting the pointer-events to stroke instead of none. I think that it being set to none is causing the issue in your .black-container:hover

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Hi @raymond.greeley I’m sorry I don’t understand what are you referring to.

@33P sorry, I edited the post. .black-container:hover in css

@raymond.greeley I’m sorry I see now what you mean. I’ll try that and let you know. Thank you!

No worries… please do let me know. The portfolio is awesome. I got lazy with mine. I will go back and edit it bit by bit eventually.

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Hey @raymond.greeley it worked! Thank you so much, you can’t imagine how glad I am.
Good luck with your portfolio! If there’s anything I can help you with, I’d be glad to. So…thanks again and happy coding!

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