Problem with "Problem Solving"

So when it comes to breaking down a problem into smaller problems to solve them and then trying to write out a solution with just plain text before actually coding. The problem I find I keep having is…

  • I can come up with a hypothetical solution written out for the smaller problems

  • I can kind of figure out how to put those solutions together pre-code

  • [ BUT…I am stuck in between and sometimes my pseudo code I can’t seem to figure out how to translate into actual code. I am having difficulty, especially if I have never seen a problem analogy like it. ]

  • I can also read the solution code that matches similar to my pseudo code, also can kinda work backwards a little bit once in a while.

Hope I was able to explain my problem where I feel stuck in my problem-solving journey. How do I solve the gap between plain text to code syntax logic?

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