Problem with randomInitialoutput ".5" in if else loops of Tic Tac game

My code has reached 610 lines and still I am stuck with wrong or no outputs at randomInitialoutput=".5". Please someone help me find out where is the problem in my code.And if there is another way to do it so that there is less code. Have a look t my codepen

Can you give the line number(s) where this output should be, and what you expect it should be?

line number 150 ,its code for e.g switch case “.1” i.e when computer has clicked 5th box(1 to 9) i.e class “.5” and user clicked in return on class “.1” i.e 1st box,so it enters switch code- see there are cases showing what the user clicked when computer clicked 5th box i.e randomInitialoutput was “.5”. So as we see line 150 needs to be true then only control flow will enter switch,after that if it is case “.1” on line 166 it should output in box 9 i.e class “.9” and then beccause ranOne is now equal to 1 because of ranOne++ ,it enters in if else of ranOne==1 condition and should execute that code.

But at line 166 it is not giving output on box 9,you can check that by clicking box 1 when randomInitialoutput ==".5" and because it is not doing the first step all the other steps fail too.