Problem with regular expressions

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As far as my understanding of this goes
in the above line we place the word we need thats coding
then use the .match to call the line that is matched to it
in case the: extractStr since it contains the word code
yet when i try this it doesn’t work why?

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let extractStr = "Extract the word 'coding' from this string.";
let codingRegex = /coding/; // Change this line
let result = extractStr.match(extractStr); // Change this line

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The .match() function simply takes a regular expression, and applies it to the string it’s being called on. The result is an array of all matches.

You call the .match() function on the string you wish to test against. In your case, you are running it against the string, but feeding to it the string as well. Not a regular expression pattern.

let result = extractStr.match(codingRegex);
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