Problem with responsive


I’m having a problem related to the responsiveness of the site. Here is what’s happening:

When i resize the window, the bottom of the page lose the background image. I think this is because the image is not large enough but i’m not sure about it.

Here is the site

Thanks in advance!

Looks ok to me. Can you post a screenshot of the problem?

It’s because when you resize your window the bg class doesn’t cover container class. If you delete height: 100% from bg class, you won’t found that error. If you want you can do that just in a media query. Another idea it’s change the position of bg.
Anyway, use Developer Tools (in Chrome, just press F12) and put your cursor on the div. You will what i’m talking about.

Thank you so much. First i tried to remove the height: 100% but that did not work, then i tried to use media query and with it the page looks fine on my phone and the desktop.

This is what was happening: